PROJECTOR COMMANDS - and other useful tricks for projection system integration

ETC EOS Raw MIDI outputs (for triggering aux timelines in watchout, like a switch to backup or shutter timeline)

93 45 7F - MIDI Channel 4, note 69, velocity full (00 means velocity 0, which you have to do as a second command to lift the "key" as it were.) Set to whatever “note” or channel you want. Full, then up, is equivalent to 1, then 0 value.

Lightware Matrix Preset Switch

TCP Port: 10001

preset 1:


Route EDID to the selected input (dynamic)

Command {<in>@<loc>}


This routes input 4 to output 2

Save preset to the specified memory location

Command {$<id>}


this saves preset 4

Load preset from the specified location

Command {%<id>}


this loads preset 4

Barco Shutter commands

Barco web interface on UDX series, like UDX-4K32

IP:  no user/pass, but must access port 9999

These commands seem to work only occasionally with the UDX-4K32.  Basically useless.

Barco TCP Port# 43680

Shuter On $fe$00$23$42$00$65$ff

Shuter Off $fe$00$22$42$00$64$ff

Lamp On $fe$00$00$03$02$76$1a$01$96$ff

Lamp Off $fe$00$00$03$02$76$1a$00$95$ff


service password: 1565

user:admin1 password:panasonic  (also sometimes blank)

PJ Link shutter commands: TCP Port 4352

Panasonic Default IP: (

For Panasonic PJ Link, to work in Watchout or Isadora, set admin1 password to blank

Shutter ON (picture mute)

%1AVMT 31$0D

Shutter OFF (shutter open)

%1AVMT 30$0D


%1POWR 1$0D

Power on

%1POWR 0$0D

Power off

If these commands don't always fire in WatchOut, try putting the same command in the AUX timeline 3x with a 0.2 second offset on different layers, so the projector won't miss the command. (this is really because WatchOut doesn't close the TCP port correctly when sending messages.) Without sending the commands 3 times, it will fail about 1 in 20 times.

Panasonic Serial Commands baud 9600






Power On


Power Off


Epson Web interface


Pass: admin

Uses standard PJLink Commands, same as Panasonic PJLink implementation.


Christie Boxer series user: service pass: service

Christie Roadster and M Series user:admin pass:admin

Christie Shutter Commands:

TCP Port 3002

(SHU 1)$0D

shutter closed

(SHU 0)$0D

shutter open

(PWR 1)$0D

power on

(PWR 0)$0D

power off

Active Dropbox link to the program “Projector MIDI Remote” now discontinued.  Use included serial number.  Useful Mac Program to control PJ Link projectors, triggered by internally routed MIDI commands, great with QLab, or even Isadora.  (Won’t work with Watchout as it can’t send MIDI out.)